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South East London

South East London includes the residential neighbourhoods of East London, Argyle, Hamilton Road, Westminster, and Jackson.

Downtown London Real Estate
Downtown London Real Estate

Close to the core, the Western Fair District provides shows, horse racing, and the annual Western Fair, the largest fair and agricultural exhibition in southern Ontario. Argyle includes a shopping district that serves as an area anchor. The Hamilton Road corridor includes several vibrant ethnic community shops and restaurants that are unique in the city. The outer edge of this region includes commercial and industrial properties, surrounded by farmland and rural communities, as well as many businesses that rely on access to highway 401, including major cargo hubs and auto part manufacturers.

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Local Communities

Whatever stage of life you're in, London has a neighbourhood for you! As your trusted team of local real estate experts,  we'll help you find the perfect home in the area best suited to your wants, needs, budget, and lifestyle. 

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