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North West London

North West London is one of the most diverse, dense, and rapidly growing regions of the city.

Downtown London Real Estate
Downtown London Real Estate

Dominated by the Western University campus and associated colleges and institutions – Brescia College, Huron College, King’s College, St Peter’s Seminary, University Hospital, the Robarts Research Institute, Windermere Conference Centre, Research Park, and more – the surrounding neighbourhoods are home to many of Western’s students and a mix of high and medium-density housing that gives way to dynamic single-family communities. The Masonville shopping district sits close to the university and anchors both mature neighbourhoods and growing developments like Fox Hollow, Sunningdale, and west to Hyde Park. The area also hosts numerous parks, trails, restaurants and other attractions.

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Local Communities

Whatever stage of life you're in, London has a neighbourhood for you! As your trusted team of local real estate experts,  we'll help you find the perfect home in the area best suited to your wants, needs, budget, and lifestyle. 

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