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Preparing for Your Move

We understand how busy you will be during the buying, selling, and moving stages. This page is full of helpful information to support you in making the process as seamless as possible.


Home Staging

Home staging is more than making a space more aesthetically pleasing; it helps make a lasting impression, paint an image, create an attachment and - most importantly - sell your home!


Make a Good Impression!

Welcome potential buyers with an inviting porch, attractive flowers, a clean door mat, and a freshly painted door. You want all guests to leave with a good first, and lasting impression.



Store away any family photos, personal documents, awards, toiletries... the list goes on! Removing personal items allows potential buyers to envision themselves in the space and aren’t reminded that they are walking through a stranger’s home.


Patch & Repair

This is the time to take care of anything that needs repairing both outdoors and indoors. Everything from landscaping, repairing any holes in the walls, cleaning out any stains, etc. These are the details that make a huge difference.


Go Neutral

There will be an array of potential buyers viewing the home that come from different backgrounds, ages, and personal taste’s. It’s important to appeal to the majority. If they can envision the space with their existing furniture, it will create a personal attachment to the home.



The more lighting you have, both natural and artificial, the better! Turn on all lamps, light fixtures, and open all curtains before showings. A well-lit home appears much more friendly and welcoming!


Furniture Placement

Be very mindful where you place your furniture. You want to make the rooms feel spacious, functional, and inviting. Pro Tip: Highlight the features in each space! For example, if you have a beautiful fireplace in your living room, arrange the furniture around it and hang a mirror or picture over the mantel so that it becomes the focal point.


Clear any Remaining Clutter

Remember less is always more! Especially when it comes to staging. Potential buyers only spend so much time in each home so the less belongings you have out to distract, the better. Pro Tip: In your kitchen, keep the countertops clear! Store all small appliances, dish racks, knife blocks, etc.


Make Sure the House is Sparkling Clean

This is super critical! You want people to feel like the home was taken care of and cared for.

We always recommend lighting a candle and letting some fresh air in before each showing as well.


Make any Necessary Updates

Updating old doorknobs, lighting fixtures, and paint is the best place to start. You will be surprised at how much of a difference those three things make!


Lastly, Stage Where it Counts!

If you are limited to time or budget, the most important rooms to stage are: living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and master bedrooms.


How to prep for a showing

1. Keep all valuables out of sight
2. Hold onto keys, cell phones and chargers
3. Vacuum pet hairs and kids debris
4. Please clean and put away dishes
5. Leave shed/garage unlocked or leave remote/key
6. Please leave toilet seats down
7. Check for/put away personal mail and flyers
8. Please use heating or AC if available
9. Turn on all lamps
10. Take all essentials for the day
11. Jackets, Boots, Medications, Snacks etc.

Moving Checklist

Download our helpful checklist of utilities to notify, documents to update and other tips to streamline your move.

London Schools

Finding the
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School Bus

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Partners & Top Picks

Below are a list of our trusted partners you will want to have in your contacts when planning a move.

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